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Journey To The Savage Planet landed on Google Stadia last month, but unfortunately it arrived with a game-breaking bug that makes it unplayable. It’s a pretty serious issue that you’d think the developers would be working on ASAP. However, Google made those developers redundant earlier this month and now nobody seems to know who’s supposed to be working on a fix.

Journey To The Savage Planet was made by Typhon Studios, who were bought by Google in 2019. Sadly, the developers were made redundant when Google closed down their internal studios just a few weeks ago, which affected around 150 jobs.

On Stadia, some players are unable to play the game at all because it freezes when they try selecting an option on the main menu. Searching for a fix to this, Reddit user “lordubuntu” contacted both Google and Journey To The Savage Planet’s publisher, 505 Games, who both seemed to point the finger at one another to say “that’s their problem”.

Stadia support said that they should get in touch with 505. However, 505 said that all of the game code and data for Stadia was owned by Google, so there wasn’t anything they could do. Furthermore, 505’s support said that Google acted as publishers for the game on Stadia because they owned Typhoon Studios, so Google were the only ones that could really solve the problem.

The most recent update to the saga is a comment on lordubuntu’s thread from a Stadia community manager, who writes: “I understand how frustrating this situation is, and I’m sorry for the delayed update. We’re actively working with our partners to identify a fix, and I will do my best to pass updates along.”

A similar response on Stadia’s Twitter says they’re working with their “partner publisher” on a fix. Though, I can’t help but wonder who they mean by that. If 505 didn’t work on the Stadia version, then surely it can’t be them?

I do hope a fix comes for players who’ve been enjoying the game on Stadia. Our Journey To The Savage Planet review says it’s a fun little space romp, and it’d be a shame if one of the handful of games Stadia has remains unplayable.

I’ve contacted Google and 505 Games for comment, but haven’t received any repsonses at the time of publishing.


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